Eric Goode, Rebecca Chaiklin Interview: ‘Tiger King’ directors

“We’re exploring the idea,” says Rebecca Chaiklin about possibly continuing her documentary miniseries “Tiger King” with a second season on Netflix. She explains, “It would be a continuation of the story if we were to conclude that there was enough to film.” With “Tiger King” nominated for six Emmys, Chaiklin and her creative partner Eric Goode discussed the making of the show in an exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), with Chaiklin joining the call from a moving vehicle and Goode speaking from his Turtle Conservatory headquarters. Chaiklin and Goode are nominated in Best Documentary Directing for the series’ second episode; they also contend through their executive producer credits with Fisher Stevens in the Best Documentary Series race, for which they have submitted the fifth episode for academy consideration.

Goode says about wrestling with the ethics of giving such a platform to subject Joe Exotic with the show, “The ripple effect it will have on this world will speak for itself. Let’s see what change occurs over time in respect to keeping exotic animals in cages and I think what we’ll see is that the ‘Tiger King’ did do its job and made an impact.” Chaiklin adds about what specific action viewers can take now, “I hope that people will take pause before running to take a selfie with a tiger cub and understand that that is helping support an industry that doesn’t allow these animals to live as a wild animals and that people.” She concludes about treatment of “these highly intelligent, sentient animals” by humans, “We should be putting our resources to protecting natural habitats, so that they can be here for future generations.”

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