Eric, Joyce and Tom on Emmy predictions: How Coronavirus will impact nominations

“I think this Emmy race will be interesting because there’s this sense that people are isolated,” says Eric Deggans (NPR) in our predictions slugfest with my Gold Derby colleague Joyce Eng. Watch above or listen to the audio podcast below. “People are stuck at home and they haven’t congregated and hung out and gone to parties like they normally do in the run-up to these nominations. Maybe you’re not getting that groupthink that we’ve seen in previous years.”

Both Eric and Joyce predict “Schitt’s Creek” for Best Comedy Series and Best Actress. Joyce insists that Catherine O’Hara “is a total icon queen, and I think it’s hers to lose.”

If the program triumphs for series, actress and actor (Eugene Levy), Joyce notes,”It’ll only be the fourth show to win those top categories of comedy. And the last one to do so was ’30 Rock’ 20 years ago.”

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