Ethan Hawke Q&A: ‘Before Midnight’

While "Before Midnight" co-writer and star Ethan Hawke is grateful to have earned two Academy Award bids, he's thankful to have avoided the campaign trail. "The whole Oscar train has gotten larger and larger," said the actor of the awards-season promotional machine.

Reflecting on his first nomination — Best Supporting Actor for "Training Day" in 2001 — he says, "I don't think anyone expected me to get nominated … don't think I was on anybody's shortlist. And sometimes I feel like I don't know if that's even possible anymore. They make so many lists for crying out loud.

"I know Denzel [Washington] was forced to do a bit of a dog-and-pony show. You know the lucky thing for me – lucky, unlucky, whatever it is – I'm always ensconced in some theater career … I was doing a Sam Shepard play at the time, and now I'm doing 'Macbeth,' and it makes it difficult for me to go out to LA and do all the stuff that maybe people want you to do."

Hawke is back in the Oscar conversation with "Before Midnight," which just earned him and his co-writers Richard Linklater and Julie Delpy a Best Screenplay nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards.

However the film fares on the awards circuit, though, Hawke is already relieved at the result: "I was scared to make the second one because I didn't want to screw up 'Before Sunrise,' and I was definitely terrified to make a third, so I'm happy that we didn't blow it."

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