Evan Rachel Wood Q&A: ‘Westworld’

“Her main role in this park is to give people an outlet to, for lack of a better word, torture this girl,” says Evan Rachel Wood about her role in “Westworld” as Dolores, an artificially intelligent “host” programmed to be a damsel in distress in a futuristic theme park. “In the wild-west fantasy you would either want to be the knight in shining armor and swoop down and save her, or you want to tie her to the train tracks. What would that be like if you became aware that that was your role?” Watch our exclusive video interview with Wood above.

Wood and her co-stars didn’t know exactly what would happen from episode to episode of this mind-bending series, so “going to work was very much like walking into ‘Westworld’ where you became a character, and you had no idea what was going to happen next. As an actor you very much lived in the moment.” Eventually Wood realized that Dolores was also programmed to be the dangerous outlaw Wyatt and was developing her own consciousness and free will.

“Looking back on the season and how they were directing me in certain moments, I realized that they were dropping hints along the way for this ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ element to Dolores,” Wood says. “She’s literally at war with herself the whole time with all these different pieces of herself she’s trying to put together … It was almost like being on two different shows. You were being helicoptered into the desert in these remote locations, and then you would be in ‘2001’ in a Kubrick film getting grilled by Anthony Hopkins with no clothes on. It was quite a trip to go on.”

So what’s next for Dolores/Wyatt? “I really want to see what it’s like now that she’s claimed her power, understands it and is let off the leash, and I’m assuming is going to go on some sort of revenge spree,” proclaims Wood. “I would like to see some sort of revolution start … I really think she’s just getting started.”

Wood is a previous Emmy Award nominee as Best Movie/Miniseries Supporting Actress for “Mildred Pierce” (2011). She won as Best TV Drama Actress in “Westworld” earlier this year at the Critics’ Choice Awards and was also nominated at the Golden Globes. The cast competed at the SAG Awards for Best TV Drama Ensemble.

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