Experts Pete Hammond (Deadline) and Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) Showdown Over Best Comedy Series

At the 2017 Emmys, will HBO’s “Veep” win a third time for Best Comedy Series? Or can FX’s freshman laffer “Atlanta” take it down? Watch Deadline’s Pete Hammond and Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil try to predict what will happen in their video showdown above.

“The Golden Globes like to pick the new kid on the block,” Hammond reminds us about how “Atlanta” prevailed there a few months ago. “It’s done very well [at the guilds] and Donald Glover has done very well. It’s a very good show [but] I don’t know for whatever reason that it’s going to connect with the Emmy voters.”

O’Neil thinks that “Black-ish,” “Transparent” or “Silicon Valley” could also triumph over “Veep” this year, proving that it’s truly a wide open race. Hammond affirms, “‘Silicon Valley’ increases each year. It gets more nominations. More people are discovering it. A show that builds as it goes along is something to look for.”

“Let’s talk about the pattern in this category,” notes O’Neil. “The last two years it was ‘Veep,’ the previous five years it was ‘Modern Family,’ the previous three years it was ’30 Rock.’ We have seen these kind of juggernauts … but suddenly ‘Black-ish’ is knocking on the door in a more serious way.”

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