F. Murray Abraham Interview: ‘Mythic Quest’

“My closest connection was with pinball machines,” jokes F. Murray Abraham about his video game experience heading into the Apple TV+ comedy “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.” He continues, “But it fits my character perfectly. Watch Abraham’s full interview with Gold Derby above.

“Mythic Quest” is about the team behind a best-selling multiplayer video game. Abraham plays C.W. Longbottom, the game’s head writer who is naive when it comes to the online world but well-versed in the classics. The actor explains, “This guy doesn’t know about electronic media at all. It makes him very charming. He’s so innocent and at the same time, the people’s he’s working with are not familiar with classic literature, which I am. The biggest challenge for me was communicating with people who, some of them, were practically a quarter my age. They didn’t have a problem with that. That’s one of the great attractions of the show: the large spread of generations.”

Few may have thought that the Best Actor Oscar winner for “Amadeus” (1984) would find himself so comfortable in the world of comedy. He reveals, “I really like to make people laugh. But I balance it with the theater that I do. The theater is my first love. I do a bit of Shakespeare and this is a great balance. Whether it’s the classics or a television show about game playing, the most essential element is to play the truth. Farce only works if it is absolutely sincere. I believe this character is a farcical character in the classic tradition and, at the same time, he’s a very honest man.”

Abraham says, “I’ve been around for a long time and it doesn’t come along very often that you enjoy the whole situation. Usually it is about money, the schedule and getting it done. This organization is different. I compare it to experiences I have had with Wes Anderson on his wonderful set and with the Coen Brothers. On ‘Mythic Quest’ if you want to say something different or try something different there’s no problem at all. And everybody gets along. That’s a very rare thing.”

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