Felicity Jones Q&A: ‘The Theory of Everything’

"Early on, I wrote 'love' on the cover of the script and circled it," recounts Felicity Jones to Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil during their recent video chat about Oscar contender "The Theory of Everything." For Jane and Stephan Hawking, "It is a fast love, it's a very passionate love … Interestingly, she used to call physics 'the other woman.'"

Jones is currently a frontrunner to be nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, meaning both her and co-star Eddie Redmayne could be recognized for their roles as lovebirds Jane and Stephen.

"Jane and Stephen were both people with strong careers and academic identities, so they were trying to have their own personalities but be in a relationship at the same time," Jones continues. "Tame and success did put pressure on their relationship, without a doubt."

Jones recalls her first encounter with the real Jane Hawking, admitting, "I was nervous in meeting her because I knew she was going to be seeing the film at some point. And instinctively, it was just all about building up trust between us. And actually it just started with having a cup of tea with her, in the true English way."

"What was great about meeting Jane was seeing the way she moved and the way she spoke and the way she presented herself so that I could work with a dialect coach and a movement coach and an acting coach to inhabit this woman on all fronts. It was a full-frontal attack on understanding who she was," Jones added in the video chat below.

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