Fiona Shaw Interview: ‘Killing Eve’

“I was very surprised that Carolyn would go towards a gun,” Fiona Shaw says to Gold Derby in her exclusive interview about starring on “Killing Eve” (watch the video above), which concluded its third season with a murderous turn by her MI6 character Carolyn Martens. “I’ve always thought that Carolyn allowed other people to have guns and would take responsibility for the paperwork, but never actually be pulling the trigger,” the actress smiles. She explains about about the shift in characterization, “It was about the fact that a mother was trying to find some resolution about her son’s death and that’s a completely different kettle of fish.”

Shaw won a BAFTA for the first season and received an Emmy nomination for the second. If she is nominated at the Emmys again next month for Best Drama Supporting Actress, she will have to choose an episode for consideration to represent her work on the third season. Shaw says that her submission “may be the last episode, which is full of things,” but she qualifies with reference to the season’s third episode, “My favorite scene that I enjoyed was being in the bath, because I’d suggested that; I always thought that Carolyn should be in the bath. In fact, it was a very uncomfortable bath; I saw it in my mind’s eyes as a much more glamorous bath.”

“A mother can absolutely mutilate a daughter,” Shaw says as she addresses Carolyn’s adult daughter Geraldine played by Gemma Whelan, who returns to Carolyn’s life in the third season’s second episode, only for Carolyn to push her out in the finale. “Carolyn is very tough on her daughter because, as is the fault line of genetics, it’s just that Carolyn could not be more different to Geraldine,” she continues before ultimately lamenting, “They’re never ever going to be a natural partnership.”

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