Frances O’Connor Q&A: ‘The Missing’

"There's a lot of twists and turns coming up, that's for sure," teased "The Missing" star Frances O'Connor during her recent video chat with Gold Derby about what we can expect from upcoming episodes of the Starz miniseries.

O'Connor will compete at the Golden Globes in the race for Best TV Movie/Limited Series Actress, where her co-nominees could be Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Cicely Tyson and Frances McDormand. What does O'Connor think of that slate of potential nominees? "I think they're amazing and I've loved all their work. So many of the actresses of my generation are so inspiring as they progress through their work and get better at what they do."

In the gripping new miniseries now airing on Starz — you can watch free online here — O'Connor and co-lead James Nesbitt play the horrified parents of a young boy who goes missing in 2006. The story follows the repercussions of that fateful act over the next eight years as O'Connor and Nesbitt are hellbent on finding out what really happened to their son.

Regarding the state of TV today, O'Connor told us, "I just feel that there's so many great roles for women at the moment. Especially on television. It's a very exciting time to be an actress in television."

The candid actress shares what it's like behind the scenes of such a bleak production, reveals how she prepared to play such a tragic character and explains that the present-day timeline was filmed before the 2006 kidnapping scenes.

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