Fred Armisen Q&A: ‘Portlandia’

For Fred Armisen, the inspiration for his hit show “Portlandia,” "comes from us being fans of TV. Cause whenever we see a great episode of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and we’re currently watching it, that’s when we go, ‘There’s gotta be a way to make it like ‘Game of Thrones,’ where people want to go back and see it.'"  And, as he reveals in in our webcam chat the creative process  begins the same way every season: "Some of us haven’t seen each other in a while. So someone might say, ‘did anyone experience this at the airport?’ or ‘did anyone experience this while shopping?’ Whenever someone else answers, ‘yeah, that happened to me too’ we know that’s a pretty good subject matter.” 

For Armisen, writing and acting alongside Carrie Brownstein, is a joy: “She is my best friend ever… and to make good art with her and I don’t mean it as a compliment on the show… but art that is made by us, something that we create together is all I ask for.” He adds that even though Brownstein and he are “optimists, we have the same thunder behind it. I think we’ll always be people that are punk musicians, I think that never goes away.”

Regarding the show's placement in the new Emmy category for Variety Sketch Series, he admits,  “my assumption is that it’s great. I like that there’s constant change, and there are new categories introduced. So that’s a good thing.”

Last year, "Portlandia" reaped five Emmy nominations, including a first bid for Armisen in Comedy Supporting Actor. As he recalls, “whatever happened, let me tell you that it was really really nice being nominated. I framed my little nomination."”

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