Gerald McRaney Q&A: ‘This Is Us’

“The thing that is delightful to me is that a series that’s just strictly a family drama is a breakout series,” praises Gerald McRaney about NBC’s “This Is Us,” for which he guest stars as Dr. Nathan Katowski, otherwise known as Dr. K. During our recent interview (watch our exclusive interview above). McRaney adds, “There are no gimmicks to it. They’re not exploding the envelope, [but] they’ve pushed it a little.”

Speaking about the success of the show, McRaney notes, “I think people are just ready for good family drama. That’s the key. It’s well-written, it’s well-executed, and I think people like watching good material no matter what form it’s in, no matter what genre it is. Is it well done? And this one is.” Since Dr. K only pops up in flashbacks, McRaney has just shared scenes with two of the show’s cast members — Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore — and he tells us what it’s like working with both of these young talents.

After starring in television for several decades, McRaney is earning major Emmy buzz for his role as Dr. K. Might he earn his first career Emmy nomination? “It would be nice,” McRaney admits. “I’m not gonna hold my breath for it. You never know how those things are gonna work. But the thing that’s good for me is to be a part of a show that’s getting this kind of notice. That not only are people tuning in — so much so that it got a two-season pickup — but that it’s getting the critical acclaim.”

Also in our chat McRaney fondly remembers the late Powers Boothe, who he co-starred with on “Deadwood.” He talks about his classic TV roles from “Simon & Simon” to “Major Dad” to “Designing Women,” and shares what it’s like playing Dolly Parton‘s grandfather in NBC’s “Coat of Many Colors” telefilms.

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