Gillian Anderson Interview: ‘Sex Education’

“This is really the first time that I’ve gotten to explore comedy for an extended period of time myself, because I don’t usually get offered these types of roles,” Gillian Anderson reveals to Gold Derby in her exclusive interview about starring as Dr. Jean Milburn in “Sex Education” (watch the video above), which dropped its second season on Netflix early this year. The past Best Drama Actress Emmy winner for “The X-Files” continues, “I went back and forth between being feeling like I was completely overdoing it, like I was just going so broad because I was incredibly excited to be participating in something that was potentially funny and then, as I relaxed into it, I was starting to get a little more specific in Jean’s reactions.”

If nominated for Best Comedy Supporting Actress, Anderson intends to submit either the season’s fifth or sixth episode for consideration. (She notes that she would prefer to enter “all of Jean taken from both and put into one episode,” inadvertently referencing the judging process in that category through 2006.) She says that the fifth “has Remi coming back, Jean encountering the students at the school, Jakob and the pan shelf, but then six has her and Mrs. Groff going out on the town and getting drunk and dancing.” Anderson highlights the pan scene in the former as among her funniest of the show thus far. “The pan scene was pretty fun to shoot — Jean pretending that she could fit all the pans in the shelf and didn’t need a pan shelf,” she recaps.

Anderson will next appear in “The Crown.” She says about joining the show in its fourth season, “I don’t think I’ve ever taken on a role that presented so much pressure. Certainly, playing Margaret Thatcher is a lot to bite off.” Anderson continues about portraying the British prime minister, “Taking on somebody who is hated as much as Thatcher is, is a whole other thing and also, wanting to get her right and needing to get her right within the context of the series in particular because the series is through the lens of the crown; it’s not a biopic about Margaret Thatcher.”

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