Gina Rodriguez Q&A: ‘Jane the Virgin’

“It would be a blessing,” says Golden Globe winning “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez in our recent web chat about potentially making history with her first Emmy nomination. It would be the CW network’s first nomination in a top Emmy category (watch above). “It’d be for the supporters,” she continues, “and for [series creator Jennie Snyder Urman] because she creates such a magical land for us to play in. It would be a blessing for sure, but it’s bizarre to even think about it … You just do the best work you can, put it out there and it’s a blessed thing when it gets recognized.”

With her third Golden Globe bid earlier this year for Best TV Comedy Actress, Rodriguez made a bit more history by becoming the first and only actor from the CW, UPN or WB to collect three consecutive major television award nominations. Rodriguez credits this feat to creator Urman and what she and her writers have given her: “You get blessed to do a show like this where I get to play so many different characters, so much magical realism. I get to do comedy, I get to do drama. It really is like an exercise every day and a discovery of what I can do and the limits I can push every day.”

Those limits have arguably been pushed more than ever in this third season of the show, as Jane had to deal with the loss of her husband Michael (Brett Dier) who would succumb to complications from a gunshot wound midway through the season. And the challenge, Rodriguez noted, was not just with Jane but also on a personal level: “It’s definitely been a more challenging season because shaking off the devastation of losing Brett as my acting partner felt so much like life imitating art, art imitating life, that it presented challenges I don’t think I was ever prepared for when doing an art project. But I thought of it as a very exciting challenge because I knew that the reason Jennie had always had this in her mind … was because Jane’s character arc is one that is very relatable and very real in life. You want life to go a certain way, you expect it to go a certain way. It doesn’t go that way, so how do you adjust to that?”

With that loss, however, came radical change. In a bold move the show leapt three years into the future when we find Jane now having to raise a 4-year-old Mateo (Joseph Sanders), which not only enabled the show to get back to its comedic tone but also offered a fun challenge for Rodriguez: “He responds to me in the moment … so I’m always on my toes. I’m not a mom but I can only imagine. Moms are superheroes, and I get to play a little bit of one on TV and it’s cool.”

To hear more about Jane and Michael, Rodriguez’s thoughts on the show being a comedy or drama, and the answers to some of your fan questions, be sure to watch our exclusive chat above.

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