Gina Rodriguez Q&A: ‘Jane the Virgin’

Gina Rodriguez looks to make history at this year's Golden Globes by landing her first ever nomination. It would also be the first for a comedy actress on the the CW network.

Rodriguez, who plays Jane Villanueva in the breakout dramedy hit "Jane the Virgin," joined Gold Derby for a video chat to discuss her chances at landing a major awards nomination and how life has changed since becoming an overnight star.

"I'm exactly what I wanted to be, what I tried to emulate for so long and now here it is," Rodriguez explains to us about seeing herself on billboards spread all throughout Hollywood. "For me looking at all those different images around the city, first being like 'I'm so sorry guys that I'm bombarding your life with this crazy face and this pregnancy test.' But more so like, 'alright now I have to really do some good work because if that's going to be on the side of a mall and people are watching, then I have to prove to them that I'm worthy of that."

The CW star says she was was really quite surprised by the show's popularity right away as she was really just hoping for viewers: "We were just hoping that the premise, which is of course a little outlandish, a little crazy, at times off-putting, wasn't going to stop people from giving us a chance. So I'm just so happy people gave us a chance."

Now Rodriguez has a chance at starting on an awards roll by landing a Golden Globe nomination as Best TV Comedy Actress, something she says is all a bit crazy: "To be considered is already worlds of dreams right there. To be nominated? Ridiculous."

And though a nomination isn't quite ridiculous to us – Gold Derby currently gives Rodriguez 25/1 odds at landing a nomination which puts her in fifth place – she also admits she has thought about the possibility: "I think that you have to believe it can happen to you in order for it to happen."

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