Glenn Howerton Interview: ‘A.P. Bio’

“For me, this character fit like a glove,” actor Glenn Howerton admits about his character in the rookie NBC comedy “A.P. Bio.” In his recent interview (watch the exclusive video above), Howerton explains that there is a comfortable feeling he gets from playing flawed characters but that this one felt different than his other famous role on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as Dennis: “I could tell that this character had been hurt but the world that surrounded him felt different than the one on ‘Sunny.’ It was like dropping a cynical character into a warm and sweet world.”

In “A.P. Bio” Howerton plays Jack Griffin, a former philosophy professor at Harvard whose life collapses after being passed over for a job in favor of his nemesis, Miles Leonard (Tom Bennett). As a result of this, Jack finds himself having to return to his home town of Toledo, Ohio to take a job as a teacher of A.P. Biology at the local high school. While he may be the teacher of the class, Jack has no intention of actually teaching biology and instead uses his students to help sabotage Miles’s career, much to the chagrin of the school’s principal, Ralph Durbin (Patton Oswalt).

Howerton also talks about his work on “Sunny” and even teases about the 13th season of the show that is currently being written by Howerton and, among others, his two co-stars on the show, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. Season 12 concluded a year ago with Howerton’s character leaving Paddy’s Pub to move to North Dakota and be a dad to a child he fathered during a one-night stand. This lead to wide speculation about Howerton’s future on the long-running FXX comedy.

While he can’t tell us anything about his character’s role in the upcoming season, Howerton did say that if he weren’t on the show, he would miss the unique way the show is shot and the types of performances that result from it. He adds, “There’s nothing like putting two people on camera at the same time, especially with comedy since there’s so much that can be improvised.” He is always trying to make the people he’s acting opposite of laugh and that it’s the same for his co-stars and that the familiarity that comes from doing a show for so long has lead to each cast member knowing how to play to each other’s strengths.

Howerton also reveals some of the issues he encountered in acting in a project that, unlike “Sunny,” he had no part in writing: “While it was easier in the sense that I didn’t have to do the re-writes for the show, it was tough to relinquish that kind of control of the character. There were things that I strongly felt were not working about the show that [show creator] Mike O’Brien fought me on that now when I watch the show, I realize he was right and I’m glad he fought for them.”

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