Golden Globes film slugfest: Editors are losing sleep over ‘The Post’ vs. ‘The Shape of Water’ vs. ‘Three Billboards’ & more

“I have no idea what’s going to win,” says Gold Derby Editor Joyce Eng about one of the most confounding Golden Globe races in years, but she’s not alone in wringing her hands over this year’s races. The entire editorial team is losing sleep over a divided field where “The Post,” “The Shape of Water,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” and more could win top honors. Eng is currently going with “The Post” for Best Film Drama: “It’s an important movie: freedom of the press, and this is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. [Meryl Streep] gave her fiery speech last year. It’s timely.” Watch above to find out what else she and her fellow Editors are betting on.

“I spoke to a lot of consultants and members over the last few weeks and the consensus is that it’s ‘The Shape of Water’ or ‘The Post,'” Tom O’Neil reports. “I’m going to play conservative by saying ‘The Post’ [for Best Film Drama], Guillermo Del Toro [for Best Director for ‘Shape of Water’], and ‘Three Billboards’ for Frances McDormand [for Best Film Drama Actress].” But could “The Post” actually be hurt by the collective star-power of its cast and crew? Paul Sheehan cautions, “The fact that it’s these talents — Spielberg, Hanks, Streep — at the top of their game, it’s like, ‘Well of course it’s good because it’s them.’ The bar is set so high for them that they can’t meet it.”

Daniel Montgomery is also predicting a divided field of winners: “I’ve got ‘The Post’ winning Picture. I’ve got it also winning Actress at the moment for Meryl. I think they do pair it up that way. But then I do have ‘Shape of Water’ winning Director. And right now I’ve got ‘Lady Bird’ winning Screenplay, but I might switch that to ‘Three Billboards’ if they want to cover their bases.” However, Chris Beachum isn’t on the “Post” bandwagon. He counters, “I’m not changing anything unless somebody convinces me the rest of this week because I changed last night: ‘Three Billboards’ winning Picture … I think ‘Shape of Water’ is going to win Score and Director, and I think ‘The Post’ walks away with nothing.”

While the drama races are full of suspense, will the comedy/musical categories be more straightforward? “For comedy I have a sweep,” says Marcus James Dixon. “I have ‘Lady Bird’ winning everything including Screenplay. I think that’s where Greta Gerwig gets her award because they snubbed her for Director.” “Lady Bird” has four total nominations, so if it sweeps it may just end up being the biggest winner of the night given how split the drama races might be.

So what races are you losing sleep over as the Golden Globes approach on Sunday night, January 7?

One thought on “Golden Globes film slugfest: Editors are losing sleep over ‘The Post’ vs. ‘The Shape of Water’ vs. ‘Three Billboards’ & more”

  1. Really enjoyed this interplay and inclusion of Joyce Eng into the circle :). She is very knowledgeable of her film history and especially of the Globes past winners and nominees. Very impressed! This is definitely a very fun and wide open year for film award recognition. Any of these choices would be worthy of the award distribution. A very eclectic bunch to choose from. I will have to go with Tom O’Neil’s predictions for now (as conservative as they seem..) The Post will win Best Picture (Drama). Guillermo Del Toro (Best Director), Lady Bird (Best Comedy). All the acting winners is literally a toss up especially in the Comedy/Musical and supporting categories. Predicable consensus as a Globe voter will probably be..Armie Hammer (supporting actor) and Allison Janney (supporting actress). Sally Hawkins & Timothe Chalamet (Drama) while Hugh Jackman & Sorise Ronan (Comedy). Can’t wait to see what really happens come Golden Globes night ;).

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