Gordon Ramsay Q&A: ‘MasterChef Junior’

During our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above), Gordon Ramsay reveals that finding out he had received his career first Emmy nomination as Best Reality Host for “MasterChef Junior” caused him to make a rare cooking mistake. While fixing scrambled eggs for his children, he explains, “There’s a pivotal moment where the crème fraîche has to go in, and for the first time I completely screwed the scrambled eggs because I was trying to watch the news.” He adds, “I can accept messing up my scrambled eggs based on the great news.”

This reality competition series brings together children from around the world with culinary talents to face off against each other. For Ramsay, however, the show isn’t so much about the tournament as it is about teaching kids the importance of cooking. “For me, it’s as important as a history or geography lesson, and it’s something that every youngster needs to know,” he divulges. “In order to live well, one needs to eat well.” The show “has started creating these incredible little thoroughbreds that are almost reeducating their parents on how they want to eat, and how they should eat.”

Ramsay has hosted several reality cooking programs, including “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” “Masterchef,” and “The F Word.” He competes in this category against Alec Baldwin (“Match Game”), W. Kamau Bell (“United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell”), Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn (“Project Runway”), Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog (“Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”), and defending champion RuPaul Charles (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”).

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