Gordon Smith Q&A: ‘Better Call Saul’ writer

During our recent webcam video, Gordon Smith chats in-depth about his Best Drama Writing Emmy nomination for the "Five-O" episode of AMC's "Better Call Saul." "I'm just very grateful and a little bit overwhelmed," admits the former "Breaking Bad" writers' assistant who's now an Emmy nominee for his very first TV script.

Smith also talks about the show's inclusion in the Best Drama Series line-up and points to the celebratory ribbons that are still hanging on his door from Emmy nominations morning. "We were very happy about that. Not surprised in the sense of, 'Oh my God, that's impossible!' But we were happily surprised."

His "Five-O" script became a fan-favorite episode that delved deep into Mike's (Jonathan Banks) backstory. But was there pressure to make sure this much-anticipated hour was handled correctly? "I think we wanted to make sure that the fans and that Jonathan especially was given the material that we felt like he deserved. We knew he was a great actor and so we wanted to give him something that he could sink his teeth into."

Smith jokes, "It was mostly avoiding getting Jonathan mad at me that I had to live up to!"

Also in our chat, Smith talks about the possibility of former "Breaking Bad" actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul returning for "Better Call Saul," which other character from the parent show he'd like to write an episode about, and what it's like to be nominated for a writing Emmy alongside shows like "The Americans," "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men."

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