Griffin Dunne Q&A: ‘I Love Dick’

During our recent interview (watch the exclusive video above), Griffin Dunne reveals that when he first got the script for “I Love Dick,” he was intrigued less by the title and more by the name underneath: Jill Soloway. “I thought, I hope I love this,” he recalls, “and I couldn’t believe how much I loved it.” Based on Chris Kraus‘ book of the same title, this Amazon original series stars Kathryn Hahn as a frustrated artist who falls in love with a rugged professor (Kevin Bacon) upon moving to Texas with her husband, Sylvere (Dunne). Soloway co-created the series Sarah Gubbins.

Much to his surprise, Sylvere finds his marriage rejuvenated by his wife’s love for Dick. “There was an innate fantasy that he had,” Dunne explains, “about picturing his wife with another man. Personally, I can’t relate to that, and I didn’t do a lot of research to find it, but somehow, in the private world of the bedroom, it really shot up their game.”

Throughout his 40-plus year career, Dunne has received an Oscar nomination (Best Live Action Short for “Duke of Groove” in 1996), an Emmy bid (Best Comedy Guest Actor for “Frasier” in 1996), and a Golden Globe nom (Best Musical/Comedy Actor for “After Hours” in 1985). Could “I Love Dick,” which premieres of Amazon Prime on May 12th, bring him back to the Emmys as Best Comedy Supporting Actor? Check out our full interview above for more.

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