Helen Mirren interview: ‘Solos’

“Solos” is Amazon’s new anthology series, but do not call it a television show. Actress Helen Mirren rejects the traditional label, calling it, “Well, film — it’s not a TV show; that’s a slight misnomer.” She continues in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), “This is a piece of filmed drama. Wherever it’s outlet finishes up, that’s what it is.”

The setup of the drama is such that Mirren is the only person to appear on screen in her episode, which is the series’ third of seven on Amazon Prime Video (opposite the voice of Dan Stevens, who appears in the miniseries’ finale as a different character). Aptly titled “Peg” after her character, Mirren spends the duration of her half-hour installment strapped in on a spaceship with no planned return.

Mirren explains that the narrative isolation of her character was not what sets this project apart from others for her. “The big difference was because of COVID and so working under those protocols,” says Mirren before continuing, “You couldn’t talk to anyone on set. You couldn’t have a sense of that community, of that sense of family that you normally have when you’re filming or when you’re doing theater.” She adds about how these real-world factors manifested in her performance, “But of course, that was very valuable for me because she has let go of everything. She is out there on her own, so it actually really worked for the piece that we were doing.”

Without a category explicitly for “filmed drama,” Mirren eyes her second Emmy Award nomination in the Best Movie/Limited Supporting Actress category with “Solos.” She has won four Emmys from 10 nominations spanning 1993 to 2013 in the equivalent leading category. Mirren’s other accolades include an Oscar and Tony, as well as damehood.

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