Heléne Yorke interview: ‘The Other Two’

Heléne Yorke knows there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the most ridiculous moment that Brooke Dubek has had on “The Other Two.” She does have a soft spot for when Brooke ends up a Vogue Magazine Party. “She ends up having to be on the phone, on a conference call, outside the party the entire time. I’ve had multiple agents and publicists come up to me and be like, I just felt really seen,” she tells Gold Derby during our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video interview above).

While she also loved having lines that asked if Anna Wintour was going number one or number two and calling another woman a “Chex Mix bitch,” she does love the relatability that these characters display in these crazy moments. “Most of them feel so true and so real, it’s almost the relatability of everything in life that is bad as funny.”

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“The Other Two,” which is currently streaming on HBO Max, centers on two siblings, Brooke and Cary (Drew Tarver), who are forced to re-evaluate the direction of their lives when their teenage brother becomes an internet celebrity. Emmy nominee Molly Shannon also stars as the family matriarch Pat. The show, which has been renewed for a third season, was created by Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who previously served as the head writers for “Saturday Night Live.”

One of the things that Yorke most looks forward to in season three is seeing what further embarrassment Brooke and Cary will inevitably run into. “What I think is so great about the show is that the greater success that they have, the further they have to fall. They keep elevating where these characters find themselves and the embarrassments are just that much greater.” There is one specific aspect that she feels very curious about for the upcoming season. “I want to see what happens to her relationship with Lance and if she gets that figured out. It’s easy to think, ‘Oh, I want good things for this character,’ but I don’t think that’s great TV.”

The toughest scene that Yorke has had to shoot for the show was the scene where Brooke finds herself being included on a women’s panel and Shuli (Wanda Sykes) tells her she is something significant. “I’ve never seen that done, which is this imposter syndrome brought to life thinking that I was something or that I had arrived somewhere because I think we all spend so much time climbing and climbing.” She acknowledges that the moment may have been tough for her for some more personal reasons. “I found that moment particularly challenging, maybe because I deal with my own imposter syndrome, I think.”

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