Helene Yorke Interview: ‘The Other Two’

Fame can come in unexpected ways, and “The Other Two” star Helene Yorke can certainly relate. “What’s so crazy about this whole experience for me is that you work your ass off your whole career,” she tells us, “and then all of a sudden you’re in a plane carcass with Molly Shannon and Wanda Sykes being like, how did I get here?” Watch our exclusive video interview with Yorke above.

Surprise fame is what this Comedy Central series is all about. Yorke and Drew Tarver play Brooke and Cary Dubek, the adult siblings of teenage YouTuber Chase Dreams (Case Walker) who becomes a superstar overnight when his music video “Marry U at Recess” goes viral. Brooke, a former dancer, and Cary, an aspiring actor, find themselves thrust into an absurd world of parties, publicists and social media promotion as they try to figure out where they fit in.

“It’s a constant kind of squishy reality of trying to figure out who you are in the midst of what the world thinks of you as,” Yorke explains about Brooke’s journey from a real estate agent squatting in a high-end apartment to helping plan her brother’s VMAs performance by season’s end. But it turns out riding the wave of Chase’s success helps Brooke get “a lot more clear” about her own path as she discovers she has a knack for management.

And it turns out the show itself is a lot more sincere than cynical even with all its pointed jabs at modern media and celebrity culture. Brooke and Cary could easily have been “completely embittered early-30s people that are mad at their famous brother,” but “that’s just not what it is,” says Yorke. They really care about Chase, and so does their overeager stage mom Pat (played by the aforementioned Shannon), who in her own way is trying to play the unusual hand she’s been dealt in life. That’s an unexpected tone for a showbiz comedy, but “it’s the unexpected that is the most exciting” kind of story to tell. It’s easy to be snarky, but “to be able to find funny out of situations that are positive is harder to do.”

Speaking of positive situations, “The Other Two” was renewed for a second season which may find the characters in even more unfamiliar territory after season one ended with Chase quitting showbiz for college while Pat got a new gig as a daytime talk show host. Yorke trusts series creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider to take Brooke wherever they want her to go, but she expects that “the world will continue to expand, and the career of the family will continue to expand. And hopefully Brooke and Cary just continue to grab onto the back of that speedboat and see where it takes them because it’s definitely going to be weird if nothing else.”

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