Holly Taylor Q&A: ‘The Americans’

“I would say that there’s definitely a lot of things that you won’t expect,” teases Holly Taylor (“The Americans”) as we chat via webcam (watch above) about the season finale set to air on June 8. On this hit FX drama series, Taylor plays Paige Jennings, the daughter of two Russian spies (Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) who’s just recently learned the truth about her parents. “There’s some things that will raise some questions and that will maybe put a button on things. It’s been a crazy season and I don’t think the season finale will let anyone down.”

Looking back at the the show’s heralded fourth season, Taylor says, “I don’t know how every year they somehow manage to make it more surprising and more exciting. The stakes always get higher, so I only expect the best from them. The writers and creators of the show are so talented.”

Talking about the series’ recent pick-up by FX for a final two seasons (to likely air in 2017 and 2018), Taylor jokes, “I’m going into college next year so it’s really nice to know that — unless I get killed off — I at least have a job for hopefully two more years. I’m also really excited to see how they end it.”

“I would really love Paige to be a spy,” replies the actress when asked about her character’s future. “I’ve been saying that since day one, season one, when I was just sitting in the background being babysat. As much as she’s been so resistant to it, she’s kind of pulling herself into it in her own way so I think it’s definitely a possibility for her to go down that road.”

Taylor also chats about the scene where Russell made her cry, whether she wants her brother on the show to learn the truth about their parents, and what it was like winning the 2015 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Drama Series.

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