Howard T. Owens Interview: ‘Hillary’ producer

“The person who tries to burst through the glass ceiling takes all the sharks and takes a lot of pain and gets a lot of scar tissue and Hillary did all those things,” says “Hillary” executive producer Howard T. Owens about the subject of his documentary for Hulu. He explains in an exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), “The story of Hillary Clinton to me is a change agent and a fighter and someone who wanted to make a difference and someone who wanted to give back to their country and someone who fought to do so.”

As founder and co-CEO of Propagate Content, the production company behind the project, Owens learned of the existence of footage from Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign that could be used for a documentary, so he met with Clinton to confirm “a creative match.” Owens says about the concept, “The initial idea was to do a film around the campaign. We really wanted to do more than the campaign from the beginning though. We wanted to tell the story of this dimensional woman, politician, states-person, United States Senator, First Lady — and we wanted to tell this story about Hillary Clinton that you didn’t know.”

Owens later brought on “tremendous filmmaker” Nanette Burstein to direct. He justifies the choice by her interviews with Clinton that feature in the four-part miniseries, “I felt she had the bona fides to be able to connect with Hillary and get Hillary to reach inside and to tell her story in a way that it had never been told and thankfully, I was right.” Burstein and Owens now share in the Emmy nomination that “Hillary” received for Best Documentary Series, having already won an equivalent Critics’ Choice Award.

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