Hugh Jackman Interview: ‘Bad Education’

“When you know that person is going to see the movie, and you know you’re portraying the worst part of their life, there is an added responsibility,” explains Hugh Jackman about his true life role in the HBO film “Bad Education.” He joined Gold Derby for an exclusive webchat (watch the video above) to celebrate his first Emmy Awards nomination since 2015, this time as Best Movie/Limited Actor.

Nominated for Best TV Movie, the true life HBO story is about Dr. Frank Tassone, a Long Island school district superintendent who lived a high class lifestyle. He and several staff members were convicted of stealing several million dollars in 2002. The charming man was one of the top paid education officials in the country at the time and was sent to prison for several years.

Jackman now has his fifth career Emmy nomination but the first in an acting category. He won for hosting the 58th annual Tony Awards in 2005. That award along with a Tony for “The Boy from Oz” (2004) and a Grammy for “The Greatest Showman” (2019) place him just an Oscar away from EGOT status. He was nominated for an Academy Award for the 2012 film “Les Miserables.”

Of that EGOT possibility, he says, “It would mean a lot; there’s no doubt. I grew up in Sydney, Australia, watching the Oscars. I’ve been an actor now for 25 to 30 years. Awards — I don’t try to live my life by them — that’s probably a road that’s not going to bring much joy or necessarily good work, either. But I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t mean a lot to me… If you said that to me 30 years ago, I would have laughed.”

In our interview, we also discuss his one time hosting the Academy Awards (and why he hasn’t done it again), his first awards show in America being host of the Tonys, working with Allison Janney on “Bad Education” and facing off against Mark Ruffalo at this year’s Emmys (Wolverine vs. The Hulk!).

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