Ian Cymore Interview: ‘Tiger King’ sound editor/mixer

“I was incredibly excited,” exclaims Ian Cymore about his two Emmy nominations for his sound work on “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.” His work on the popular Netflix docuseries has earned him nominations for Best Nonfiction Sound Mixing and Best Nonfiction Sound Editing. Cymore has previously worked on films like “Ad Astra” and “Midsommar,” as well as televisions shows like “Master of None” and “Quantico.” In our exclusive video interview (watch above), he talks about his reaction to his nominations and the cinematic opportunities that “Tiger King” presented.

Cymore says that the sound work on a docuseries like “Tiger King” is far more complex than audiences might realize. “There are a lot more moving parts,” he explains. “There’s so much footage that was captured over a very long time period. We were getting sort of a variety of recording qualities, a variety of footage.” Cymore also says that the growth in the popularity of the docuseries allows for a level of creativity previously absent from standard documentary filmmaking. “There were more opportunities that I was given, and that my teams was given, to make creative choices,” he says. “It just felt like there were some of those more cinematic opportunities that were carved out in this particular show.”

As he worked on the series, he found himself getting caught up in the story. “This is the kind of stuff I really enjoy watching on my own time,” he says. Cymore worked on the episodes out of sequence and found himself wanting to enjoy it as a viewer. That, he says, is when he realized that the show was going to be a hit with audiences. “We knew from the beginning that this was something that people were really going to want to watch.”

Cymore recalls his excitement upon hearing of his Emmy nominations, but approaches the acclaim from a slightly different perspective. “The sound business is interesting because I always say that if you’ve done a good job, nobody really notices your work,” he explains. “That’s why it was really cool to be nominated for ‘Tiger King’ because it was a lot of hard work that we had put in. Also it was one of those docuseries that sort of made space for creative sound.”

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