Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson Q&A: ‘Broad City’

"[Abbi Jacobson] and I are suburban transplants," says "Broad City" star Ilana Glazer about their unique outsiders' point of view of New York City. "Abbi's from outside of Philly, and I'm from Long Island. I think that's a big part of where our perception of New York comes from where there's still this awe and inspiration even in the grossest, dankest moments."

Jacobson adds, "Even when you're next to the most disgusting thing in the world, you can turn the corner and it's the most beautiful, most recognizable buildings in the whole world. Those juxtapositions are so New York."

And "not growing up here," says Glazer, "when you come here, all those layers are laid out before you equally."

Those unique NYC contradictions inspire an absurdist fun-house view of the city where a night of drinking leads to a secret speakeasy right out of the prohibition era, and where wisdom tooth surgery results in a hallucinatory journey to Whole Foods.

"We're getting to tell what I think is a pretty grounded friendship dynamic, and then we get to heighten it and amplify it," says Jacobson about the show's flights of fancy.

"I was just thinking about our absurdity coming from mundane shit," Glazer notes. "Even 'Wisdom Teeth,' we go to Whole Foods."

"We could have gone into outer space," laughs Jacobson,  "but we went into Whole Foods."

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