Jack Quaid Interview: ‘The Boys’

“I found it really interesting, like who is this average person in this world that is anything but average,” reveals Jack Quaid about playing Hughie Campbell on “The Boys,” an average joe turned unlikely vigilante in a world in which iconic superheroes have a chokehold on society. “I enjoyed being the character that gets to react to this insane world around him,” he says. “It’s a really f***ed world as it is today, but just with superheroes in it!” Watch our exclusive video interview with Quaid above.

In “The Boys,” real life superheroes are revered as celebrity gods keeping the community safe. Based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, it was developed for Amazon Prime Video by Eric Kripke and stars Quaid, Karl Urban, Antony StarrElisabeth Shue and Chace Crawford. The comedy satire action drama hybrid explores what happens when these heroes go rogue and abuse their powers, telling a highly entertaining cautionary tale about celebrity worship, materialism, fame and greed.

“The Boys” starts with a bang within minutes into the first episode, as Hughie witnesses his girlfriend Robin (Jess Salgueiro) killed in a high-velocity impact with celebrity superhero A-Train (Jessie T. Usher). Her body is physically obliterated so that Hughie is left traumatized on the sidewalk, covered in her remains and holding nothing but her bloody dismembered hands.

“For a while it was hard for me to elevator pitch this show to my friends because there were so many elements, but if I just told them about that moment, they kind of got it,” Quaid explains. “I think when you watch this show and you see that you go, ‘oh, OK I know what this show is now’,” he says. “It is darkly funny, but I wanted to make sure I played it as real as possible because it has to feel like a loss for a person that we don’t really get a ton of time with.”

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