Jackie Tohn Interview: ‘GLOW’

“You get to be all the crazy lunatics that live inside your head,” Jackie Tohn declares in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above) about acting on “GLOW.” She continues, “To get to be so many women, it’s such a crazy dream — a fever dream actually.”

Tohn plays Melrose Rosen, one of the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” in the period dramedy for Netflix. Tohn explains, “Melrose joins the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling because she, like me, has a need to be seen and a need to be the center of attention. She doesn’t really have anything else going on. If she had as much going on as she claimed, there’s no way she would sit around with these people that she’s judging. She’s just like them! They all just want to be included and seen and valued like the rest of us.”

Tohn has worked in entertainment — variably as a singer-songwriter and a stand-up comedian — since she was nine years old. But she counts “GLOW,” starring Alison Brie, as her “first big job” and basks in “the joy of having a show run by women, written by mostly women, directed by mostly women and acted by mostly women.” She concludes, “Being on this show is like being in a hug. It’s hard to be uncomfortable there because the patriarchy doesn’t live there.”

“GLOW” will return on Netflix in June for its second season, with Tohn receiving series-regular credit. Tohn says that Melrose is “definitely more a part of the team” in the new episodes and “she just is rallying the ladies every chance she gets.” Tohn teases that she “definitely wrestles more in season two,” adding, “I do learn how to body slam and I do take a girl down.”

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