Jacqueline Demeterio interview: ‘Younger’ costume designer

When the final season of “Younger” premiered on Parmount+ in April, fans were treated to a group of characters who had come a long way since the show first debuted on TV Land six years prior. After all, the show started with a lie — that 40-year-old Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) was actually just 26. But now, free from that subterfuge, the series is able to explore the growth of Liza in full — particularly with her clothes.

“She’s evolved quite a lot through this series,” costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio says during the Gold Derby Meet the Experts: Costume Design panel. Watch the exclusive video interview above.

In tracking Liza’s arc, Demeterio started the series by having her overcompensate for the misdirection that allowed her to score a job at a publishing house. “At the very beginning when she’s lying about her age, everything is very forced — a bit over the top. It was what she thought a 20-something would wear. All the trends. It wasn’t like she would take one trend or two trends, it was a trend upon a trend upon a trend. It was a layer upon a layer and the accessories and everything. It was intentionally supposed to look over the top,” Demeterio explains. “Over time, as her story goes, I kind of stripped her down.”

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With Liza’s truth now known, it freed Demeterio to give the character a more “grown-up look.”

“She’s showing herself at work and she’s a stronger person. There were cleaner lines and maybe more suiting but in a fashion-forward way. I used culottes instead of pantsuits to add certain touches. It was just a beautiful dress instead of a dress with a denim jacket and a boot,” she says.

Plus, the changes to the costumes allowed Foster to shine through as well. “Sutton is a Broadway dancer, she has a beautiful figure. She’s tall. She’s a dream to dress,” Demeterio says. “Things look great on her. To showcase her figure was great.”

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