Jamie Walker McCall interview: ‘Pose’ production designer

“You’re all in it together for so many years. And we had a lot of the same crew and of course all the same actors and it really is a big family at the end. So it was very hard to see everybody go and to move on to their next projects. It’s definitely bittersweet,” says “Pose” production designer Jamie Walker McCall about saying goodbye to the groundbreaking FX drama series after three seasons. We talked to McCall as part of our “Meet the BTL Experts” TV production designers panel. Watch our interview above.

“Pose” tells the story of gay and transgender New Yorkers struggling to get by but finding community in ball culture during the 1980s and 1990s. The entire series spans about a decade of NYC history, and “time periods in New York really did change a lot with Giuliani and everything and the cleanup. So we went from a really gritty start and then slowly each season and episode, really starting to dial back depending on what was happening.” And as time periods have continued to evolve, maintaining continuity from year to year in the ever-changing city landscape was especially challenging. “I feel like every single day there was a new digital pop-up happening somewhere that we had to contend with.”

That wasn’t the only change in season three of “Pose.” Though its characters have lived often hardscrabble lives, the series introduces elements of luxury this year (for reasons I won’t spoil). “You want to see these people strive and get ahead,” says McCall. “And then finally there are some very successful moments coming up in the show that everyone is rooting for, and having it be the last season, this is something that everyone is going to be very excited about to see for the characters … It was a nice change, going from the gritty New York to this elevated part in New York, which a lot of people don’t get to see, especially these ladies.”

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