Jane Lynch Q&A: ‘Dropping the Soap’

“It was a big surprise,” exclaims Jane Lynch when asked about her Emmy nomination as Best Actress in a Short Form Series for “Dropping the Soap” during our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above). The three-time Emmy champ plays Olivia Vanderstein, a tough-as-nails producer who’s hired to shake things up at a daytime soap opera. The show was created by Mandy FabianPaul Witten, and Kate Mines, who also star. Lynch is hopeful that her awards recognition will “bring more eyeballs to our web series.”

The actress drew inspiration for Olivia from “a combo platter of things I’ve heard, and some things that I’ve witnessed.” She adds, “I’ve been all over Hollywood just as a guest star actor, and I saw a lot.” She relates the character to her star-making role of Sue Sylvester on “Glee,” explaining, “They enjoy creating chaos and keeping people off-balance, but the thing about Olivia is she does it with such stealth, and such a confidence. She makes herself very attractive to everybody. She’s very charming, but she will put a knife in your back!”

Lynch’s three carer Emmys so far are for her work on “Glee” (Comedy Supporting Actress in 2010) and “Hollywood Game Night” (Reality Host in 2014 and 2015). She contended twice more for “Glee” (2011 and 2013), once more for “Hollywood Game Night” (2016), once for “Two and a Half Men” (Comedy Guest Actress in 2010), and once for “Wildlife Specials: The Spy Collection” (Narrator in 2014). She hosted the Emmy ceremony for Fox in 2011.

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