Janelle Monae Interview: ‘Homecoming’

“This is a hell of a way to start season two,” says musician and actress Janelle Monae about Amazon‘s psychological thriller “Homecoming,” which returned with new episodes on May 22. Monae is new to the show this year, and when we first meet her character, Jackie, she’s waking up alone in a boat with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Incidents of memory loss are familiar from the conspiracy that was unraveled in the first season of the show, but how does Jackie connect to that mystery? Watch our exclusive video interview with Monae above.

The first season of the show starred Julia Roberts as a counselor at a secretive facility treating soldiers returning from combat overseas. Season two continues that story from a different perspective, and Monae knew that “we had to make an even bigger splash. So it was super important that it felt very natural, and that it was layered and it was nuanced, and that it was able to pull you in as this person goes on a journey of self-discovery.”

But it’s not just about Jackie rediscovering who she was. It’s about deciding whether that’s still the person she wants to be. “Do you want to return back to your old life?” Monae considers. “Or do you want to move forward in a way that is healthier, in a way that you get to be a better version of yourself if given an opportunity, and I ask myself that all the time … That’s what I love about this show, that it leaves us questioning not only the characters, but ourselves in return.”

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