Jason Isaacs Q&A: ‘Dig’

"It's got politics in it. It's got religious intolerance and extremists in it, you know, the ends justify the means. It's got mystery and sex. Really what it's got most of all is skillful storytelling. They know how to engage you," reveals actor Jason Isaacs during our recent video chat (watch below) about his new limited series "Dig" on USA Network.

Isaacs stars on the 10-part program as FBI Agent Peter Connelly, a man who uncovers an international conspiracy over 2,000 years old while investigating a murder in Jerusalem. He refers to the original pitch of the show as a mix between "The Da Vinci Code," "Indiana Jones," and "Homeland." Indeed, "Homeland" co-creator Gideon Raff and "Heroes" creator Tim Kring are the showrunners. He adds, "This subject of the end of the world and some of the real-life lunatics all around us here in America and other places, they've got some meaty stuff to deal with."

This British import stars with Anne Heche, who plays Lynn Monahan, his FBI boss and sometimes lover. Others in this season have been Lauren Ambrose, Richard E. Grant, David Constabile, and Regina Taylor. The first nine episodes have already aired on USA, setting up an explosive finale for this Thursday, May 7.

Having a strong conclusion was one of the reasons the in-demand actor wanted to work on this project. He says, "It's that rare thing in American television, which is a story with a beginning, middle, and end. This was different right from the beginning that had a real story like storytellers want to do. The seeds for the end are sown from the beginning. They knew who would die. They knew where the twists would come. They knew where the reveals would come."

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