Jason Ritter: Breaks ‘Parenthood’ Emmy curse with first nod

Despite a cast of regulars led by Emmy champ Craig T. Nelson (“Coach,” 1992 Comedy Actor) and past nominees Bonnie Bedelia and Peter Krause, recurring guest Jason Ritter is the first person to contend at TV’s top honors for the NBC drama “Parenthood.”

In a video chat with Gold Derby, Ritter recalled, “Because no one had been talking about Emmys or anything like that on set the day before, for the first year I had totally forgotten about it. I got a phone call at six in the morning, and my first thought was ‘Who is doing this to me?’ And then my phone started going crazy and buzzing a lot. Then I thought, ‘Oh my gosh! Something horrible has happened! Someone is trying to get a hold of me.'”

Ritter is nominated as Best Drama Guest Actor against Dylan Baker (“The Good Wife“), Jeremy Davies (“Justified“), Ben Feldman (“Mad Men“), Michael J. Fox (“The Good Wife”), and Mark Margolis (“Breaking Bad“). He has submitted the episode “Politics,” in which his character Mark Cyr takes girlfriend Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) to an engagement party and then discusses their future together.

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For Ritter, “The thing about the episode that I really liked is that you get to see our characters in three sort of variant voices. First you see us just having fun and looking at a yearbook sort of laughing, and that’s some of my favorite stuff on that show. Then it was one of the first times you get to see my character in a world outside of her and school with his friends.”

If Ritter wins, it would not be the first Emmy Award in his family. His late father John won Best Comedy Actor in 1984 for “Three’s Company.”

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