Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane Interview: ‘Episodes’

Jeffrey Klarik reveals he’d like people to remember that his show “Episodes”’ was “honest writing and it was funny writing” Klarik co-created the series with working and life partner David Crane, which aired its final season last fall on Showtime. In our recent interview (watch the exclusive video above), Crane adds, “As we were doing draft after draft we were trying to hone the thing down so it felt both funny and truthful.” Klarik then jokes that he hopes “that it’s especially remembered in this awards season. Our biggest fear is that it’s gonna fall through the cracks because we’re not the flavor of the month.”

Klarik and Crane have scored Emmy writing nominations for all of “Episodes” previous seasons. This year they revealed to Gold Derby they are submitting the series finale for the ballot this summer. Over its run the show has followed the relationship of a fictional Matt LeBlanc (played by LeBlanc himself) with a husband and wife comedy writing team as they try to all navigate show-biz and Hollywood.

Crane explains that they hoped the series showed that in Hollywood “there are egos and it’s petty. You assume there must be a guiding sanity to it because everyone involved is actually fairly smart. But everyone has their agenda to such a degree that there’s a level of madness. That’s what we were trying to capture. And there are some people who are part of the machine who you feel for.”

Klarik explains that the best thing about working with Crane is “the commute. I just roll over and we’re at work. That’s also one of the worst things about it because it’s 24 hours a day when we are awake. That’s all we talk about. We walk on the beach, we talk about it. We’re in the car, we talk about it. So it really does take over our lives. but in a good way I think. We really have nothing in common other than our work.”

Klarik also directed every episode of the show’s final season and will be submitting ‘Episode Five’ for consideration. In this episode Matt learns of his father’s passing and it includes the last shot filmed for the series. Crane explains that “it was the shot where Matt sprinkles the bag of ashes and we knew we had to get it in one take. No one had the time for showers. So there were a lot of crossed fingers, Jeffery yelled action and we got it in one take.”

Klarik jokes that another challenge for the episode was that “first we had to kill somebody so we could cremate the body. So that took a while… But seriously, what was wonderful is that it was such an intimate personal moment for him. There were easily 65 people standing around in the dark watching him. Every single person had a tear rolling down their face. That was the most rewarding moment of the whole season for us.” He adds, “I also remember thinking ‘I hope they didn’t shut own the toilets.’ Because it was two in the morning and I had to pee so bad.”

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