Jeremy Piven Q&A: ‘Mr. Selfridge’

During our recent webcam chat, three-time Emmy champ Jeremy Piven ("Entourage") reflected on having played the title character in the PBS period drama “Mr. Selfridge” for three seasons. He readily admits, “I feel like I’m just hitting my stride now." And, he continues, "I’ve learnt you’re never too old to learn so I’m learning and hopefully growing and getting better at what I’m doing.”

In the recently concluded third season, Harry Selfridge dealt with the death of his wife by working even harder at his department store. The, as Piven tells it, “along comes Nancy Webb, a woman with an incredible heart, who he feels is his last hope for love.” However, after their engagement, he discovers that she is, “a complete and utter charlatan, and she breaks his heart.”

Piven recalls filming the climatic moment when his character ends their affair. “It was a very long scene and it felt like a play. It was so layered and it had so much weight." The actor admits he found it, “beautifully challenging and I loved doing it.”

As for the upcoming fourth season, he recounts, “we were just shooting in Biarritz, on the west coast of France. It was so beautiful there and I’m in a tuxedo doing these scenes on the beach."  But all is not as glamorous as it sounds. “If I kind of just look past my co-star I could see people swimming and living the dream in the background." Having said that, he is quick to add, “I’m not complaining, I’m so lucky to be working. It’s been a complete and utter gift.”

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