Jill Soloway and Sarah Gubbins Q&A: ‘I Love Dick’ creators

“For me, it’s really exciting as a creator to think about women popping this show on,” reveals Jill Soloway during our recent video chat (watch the exclusive video above) about her new series “I Love Dick.” Based on Chris Kraus’ book of the same title, this Amazon original stars Kathryn Hahn as a married artist who falls in love with a rugged professor (Kevin Bacon) after moving to Texas with her husband (Griffin Dunne). “Women are watching it and feel like they’re seeing someone who speaks exactly to who they are,” she adds, “and that’s just a dream come true for us.”

Best known for her show “Transparent,” Soloway co-created the series with writer Sarah Gubbins, who was immediately struck by the idea of a man being turned on by his wife’s sexual attraction to another person. “That dynamic kind of really woke us up,” she divulges. In adapting the book, which blends fictions with Kraus’ real life experiences, Gubbins tried to, “keep diving a little bit deeper into the unexpected.”

Soloway won back-to-back Emmys for Best Comedy Directing for “Transparent” in its first and second seasons. Should she win again this year for either that or “I Love Dick,” she’d become the first person since John Frankenheimer to win three consecutive Emmys for directing, and the first woman to do so. (Frankenheimer, who was eventually inducted into the TV Academy’s Hall of Fame, won as Best Movie/Miniseries Director for “Against the Wall” in 1994, “The Burning Season” in 1995, and “Andersonville” in 1996, as well as a fourth for “George Wallace” in 1998.)

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