Jimmy Tatro Interview: ‘American Vandal’

“‘American Vandal’ was very unique in the sense that they really allowed the freedom to just play with the character and make it your own and that’s just not the case with all projects,” lead actor Jimmy Tatro explains in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above). In spite of its absurd central mystery of “who drew the dicks,” the first season of the Netflix mockumentary was noted for its realism, which has been credited largely to improvisation. Tatro reveals, “They did the improv takes first, so they would just interview me on camera… for an hour and I wouldn’t know what kind of questions that were going to come [and] I would just have to be in character. It was actually a lot of fun.”

Tatro is in high demand after his breakthrough performance as eponymous vandal Dylan Maxwell, which earned him a Critics’ Choice Award nomination for Best Movie/Limited Actor. He confirms that he did not reprise the role for the wrapped second season and notes that he has had to adjust to more traditional sets. “When you’re working with someone who has a very clear vision for what they would like the show or the film to be, you got to just give them what they want, which is what’s on the page and that’s something that I don’t want to say I’ve needed to get used to, but I just been lucky enough to have a lot of freedom with the projects I’ve done thus far,” Tatro says.

Tatro came to prominence through YouTube, where his “Life According to Jimmy” channel has three million subscribers and half a billion views. Tatro began releasing weekly sketches in 2011 but has been on hiatus since this January. Tatro cites a lack of time and further explains, “There’s also a lack of motivation to put content on YouTube. I’m just not really a huge fan of what the platform is turning into at the moment. I’m definitely going to make a season six, I would hope in the next year. I said season five was going to be 15 videos and I ended up doing nine and then I just ran out of time. If anyone’s hearing that, I apologize, but season six will come out eventually. I have a list of videos I still want to do really badly.”

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