Joanne Froggatt Q&A: ‘Downton Abbey’

"Anna's such a good person with a good heart. I don't think anyone believes she has it in her to murder anybody, even after the horrendous situation she went through," declares Joanne Froggatt when chatting with us via webcam (watch below) about her riveting storyline this past season on "Downton Abbey." Anna Bates was accused and arrested of murdering the valet who had raped her the season before.

The actress thinks the season finale might be her Emmy submission because "she gets taken to prison, bless her. That's quite a heartwrenching moment after everything else she's been through." She adds, "Poor Anna. Give her a break, Julian, please" (referring to creator and writer Julian Fellowes).

Earlier in the series, Anna's husband John Bates (Brendan Coyle) had gone to prison, accused of murdering his ex-wife. Could he be the one behind the death of the valet? Froggatt says, "Well, this is the big question, you see. Mr. Bates is a little darker character. We never quite know what he is capable of." She teases, "It will be interesting to find out as it does get resolved in season six. Obviously I can't tell you how."

Froggatt won the very competitive Golden Globe category of Best TV Supporting Actress in January against three Emmy winners — Uzo Aduba ("Orange is the New Black"), Kathy Bates ("American Horror Story Freak Show"), Allison Janney ("Mom") — and Michelle Monaghan ("True Detective"). Two weeks later, she celebrated as the cast won the SAG Awards for Best TV Drama Ensemble for a second time.

Of her Globe win, she recalls, "It was the biggest, bestest shock of my life. It was quite obvious how surprised I was. It was like a fairy tale, and I kept having to pinch myself… I was just convinced it wouldn't be me because it was so many amazing women in the category. So many of them had won Emmys that year."

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