Jodi Balfour Interview: ‘The Crown’

Jodi Balfour admits that appearing on “The Crown” was “a two-fold challenge.” She was already a fan of the Netflix series, and on top of that she was tasked with playing iconic first lady Jackie Kennedy. “I was incredibly nervous just being a part of something that I think is so incredible, and then to enter into that playing someone who comes with a lot of baggage” made the actress feel “a huge responsibility, but one that was incredibly exciting.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Balfour above.

This Netflix series follows the political rivalries, romances and controversies of the royal family under Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy). Balfour appears in the eighth episode of season two, “Dear Mrs. Kennedy,” which was written by series creator Peter Morgan and directed by Stephen Daldry. Michael C. Hall co-stars as her husband, President John F. Kennedy, as he and Jackie visit Buckingham Palace after his inauguration.

Stepping into Jackie Kennedy’s fashionable shoes was daunting, but Balfour was helped by the show’s expert research department. “There was the broad research to do about her as a person, and all of that beautiful homework that I think most actors do regardless,” she explains. “But then there’s also the very specific research to be done about what happens in the episode,” which thankfully had already been handled before she ever received a script.

In addition to her guest spot on “The Crown” this season, Balfour is also on the Emmy ballot for her lead role in the Cinemax limited series “Rellik,” a dark thriller about a detective (Richard Dormer) hunting down a serial killer who attacks his victims with acid. Balfour plays Elaine Shepard, a fellow detective and love interest. The actress jumped at the opportunity to “play the kind of character that I don’t usually play,” especially after wrapping her role as Mrs. Kennedy.

Balfour has also appeared in the shows “The Best Laid Plans,” “Quarry,” and “Bomb Girls,” as well as the films “The Husband” (2013), “Afterparty” (2013), and “Almost Anything” (2015).

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