Jodie Comer Interview: ‘Killing Eve’

“She can be awful, but then as an actress to play her, it was just so much fun, so I do find myself excusing her a lot,” reveals Jodie Comer in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above) about her lead role as the assassin Oksana “Villanelle” Astankova in the new BBC America spy thriller “Killing Eve.” “I’m always rooting for her,” Comer explains. “It was just impossible not to be because it was so much fun playing her.”

The fun started for Comer when she read Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s pilot script. Comer recalls, “It was so refreshing — and I laughed. It’s not often — sometimes, you read the script and may laugh on the inside, but I loved it. It was really funny, but then also really dark in the right places.”

Comer admits, “There was more physicality to this role than I’d done before.” The eight-episode debut season further challenged Comer by requiring her to speak with an accent and in several languages. Comer explains about her accent, “The tricky thing was [that] Villanelle was born in Russia, but she hasn’t lived in Russia for the majority of her life. She lives in France, but then she travels around a lot, so when I spoke to the producers, they wanted people to not really be able to pinpoint her. There’s a lot of mystery to her.”

Before “Killing Eve,” Comer was best known in American television for her portrayal of “The White Princess” on Starz last year. Before that, Comer was acclaimed for her role in the BBC’s “Thirteen,” which she cited as her most challenging role and for for which BAFTA nominated her for Best Drama Actress last year. Comparing the weight of her material as Villanelle, Comer says, “It’s funny because I just don’t feel like she was difficult at all. She was a complete joy. That may sound awful, but she was. Because some people say, ‘Oh, well, did you take it home with you?’ Because it is quite harrowing because she does do awful things, but it wasn’t so much, because it was just so much fun.”

Villanelle racked up quite the body count in the first season, but made little attempt to neutralize the threat of Sandra Oh’s intelligence officer Eve Polastri. Comer posits that Villanelle “sees herself as being invincible” and “is so intrigued with Eve” because Eve leads the relatively normal “life that deep, deep down Villanelle really wants.” Villanelle is noted for her playful approach to her grave work, to which Comer says, “She hates rules and she doesn’t live by anything or any one influence in her. She just lives in the moment and does what she wants to do, regardless of the consequences and clearly, she has very little remorse.”

Comer is off to Spain for a vacation and notes that the second season of “Killing Eve” is “due to start filming in a few months’ time.” She adds, “Hopefully it will be out soon and people don’t have to wait too long.” Although Comer knows “absolutely nothing” about how the story continues, her hope is that Villanelle “gets her sass back.” Comer notes, “There [are] a lot of relationships that have changed a lot in series one and I’m interested to see how they go forward in season two.”

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  1. Can’t wait for the next season.
    I was enthralled by Killing Eve; Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh were outstanding.
    Well done to everyone involved.

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