Joel Kinnaman Q&A: ‘The Killing’

"The Killing" has had a tumultuous run since it debuted in spring 2011, being canceled not once but twice by original network AMC, and then finding a home on Netflix for six final episodes, which premiere in August. "It was quite emotional actually," actor Joel Kinnaman told us during our recent video chat. "I think I underestimated how much it meant to me, and how much it meant to me to conclude it."

He added, "I was quite moved by the fan response after it got canceled. There were a lot of very passionate fans of the show, and I think that was probably the main reason why the show came back."

The fourth season will contend for Emmys in the 2015 race, but season three, which aired last summer, is eligible during this cycle. After two seasons consumed by the investigation into the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen, season three introduced a new mystery and a new cast of characters, with Kinnaman and Mireille Enos remaining as the lead detectives. This time a serial killer was on the loose, stalking at-risk youth on the streets of Seattle.

"I feel like the show really found its stride and found its own identity in the third season. They just took it further, and I felt like we were able to deepen our characters," said Kinnaman. "And then, in the fourth season, it's so intense, there's just so much going on."

As for the ending, "It left [my character, Detective Holder,] in a beautiful place. I was really happy with it … I'm dead-certain that people that like the show are going to love the ending."

Watch the rest of our chat in which he discusses working with director Jonathan Demme, the scenes that most excited him about making the "RoboCop" reboot, and why it will be a while before he considers a return to series television.

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