Joel McHale Q&A: ‘The Soup’

"We were nominated in the category of best thing that isn't a show. We got in a lucky year to be up against the President and Zach Galifianakis," says "The Soup" executive producer K.P. Anderson about his show's first-ever Emmy nomination last year. He adds, "It was really exciting. It was a great night. I think all shows should have to earn 10 years before they get the nod."

Actor and comedian Joel McHale ("Community") began hosting "The Soup" in 2004. The original version of the show was already a long-running hit for the E! Network with such previous hosts as Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks, and Aisha Tyler. When McHale took over, it changed into a weekly rather than daily show and focused on skewering pop culture and infamous TV moments in news and reality.

Their 2014 Emmy bid was in the category of Best Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program for a parody of HBO's "True Detective." The winner was "Between Two Ferns" starring Galifiankis with an episode featuring Barack Obama. Other nominees were "Childrens Hospital," a special "Parks and Recreation" segment in Europe, and the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show.

The program will be competing in an all-new category, Best Variety Sketch Series, this year, separate from one for talk shows. McHale says, "We have the swagger of a show that has won so many Emmys, we're not even sure what we've put up for nominations. But our secret weapon is that we've never won any and only been nominated for one."

In actuality, the show is submitting an episode from April that featured Jon Cryer as a special guest. With two Emmys on his mantel already, could his golden touch help "The Soup" this time with another nod? Executive producer Edward Boyd says, "If we get a nomination, I promise not to get quite as drunk at the party this year."

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