John Benjamin Hickey interview: ‘In Treatment’

“Just when you had him pegged as a lot of different bad and some good things, he […] subverts your expectations,” shares John Benjamin Hickey about his character in the fourth season of HBO’s “In Treatment.” SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE 4TH SEASON as Hickey stars as Colin, a former tech titan who sees Uzo Aduba’s Dr. Brooke Taylor during the most tumultuous moment in his personal and professional lives. Watch our exclusive video interview with Hickey above.

Hickey describes Colin as “a mass of contradictions.” The process of developing such a complex role over the course of six episodes was “surprising,” Hickey says, and he talks about finding in the narcissistic Colin “a genuine person whose pain was real.” Hickey received all six scripts ahead of shooting, but he and the “In Treatment” team decided that it would be better for him to only prepare one week at a time “as an actor who wants so much to live in the moment.” He adds that preparing those nearly 30-pages scripts was “the biggest acting challenge I’ve ever had as far as memorization goes.”

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Hickey’s background in theatre – he won a Tony in 2011 for Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart” and is currently Tony-nominated for his role in the two-part “The Inheritance” – certainly proved invaluable to acting in what felt like “two-character plays.” “My home is in the theatre, Hickey shares, and “In Treatment” “is the first thing I’ve done that’s being filmed that felt like a play.” He also praises his scene partner Aduba as “the most amazing leader,” adding, “Uzo knows how to make a happy set.”

In addition to his Tony win and nomination, Hickey received an Emmy bid in 2013 for his supporting role on “The Big C.” His other television work includes “Manhattan” and a recurring role on “The Good Wife” and “The Good Fight.” On those latter two series, Hickey played another tech mogul or, as Hickey describes him and Colin on “In Treatment,” “rich brilliant men-children.”

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