Jordan Klepper Interview: ‘The Opposition’

“I get overwhelmed after a full day of digesting whatever Donald Trump has put out there along with your Sean Hannity’s and Laura Ingraham’s. There’s days where you just feel numb,” reveals Jordan Klepper, host of “The Opposition” for Comedy Central. Klepper tells us in our recent chat (watch the video above) that days like that are when he finds he needs to turn himself off from everything and lose himself in things like reality television or sports. He confesses that he obsessed with “The Great British Baking Show”: “Even though it’s a competition, it’s kind and everyone supports each other. That’s the world I want to live in, one that’s filled with tea and crumpets and beautiful cakes made by 50-year-old British plumbers.”

Klepper’s show, “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper,” has definitely given him a reason to get lost in the craziness of the current media landscape. On the program, he satirizes conservative media with a specific eye on conspiracy minded media figures by playing a version of himself that has a very similar feel to Alex Jones from the Info Wars website. Prior to having his own show, which debuted in September of 2017, Klepper had been a correspondent for “The Daily Show,” starting in 2014 with Jon Stewart and continuing with his successor, Trevor Noah.

Klepper tells us that he got the idea for the show towards the end of the 2016 campaign after he had covered several Trump rallies for “The Daily Show.” “We saw so many people getting their information from these fringe news sources,” Klepper says. He adds that “if we’re going to go into the Trump era that lives in paranoia, distrust and anti-establishment feelings, then let’s try to build a world out of that.” He also mentions that as the show has progressed, he’s gotten more comfortable with the rhythm of the character, especially through different segments like “War on Men” and “I Don’t Recognize My Country Anymore.” “That’s where the rhythm’s of the character really started to feel the most fun. It allowed me to heighten my emotions so that I’m a victim and I can overplay this victim card.”

With the show now eyeing to get into the Emmy races for variety programming, Klepper sees a lot of potential to have fun with the character should the series get nominated or win. He believes that at the core of these media personalities that he parodies is a desire to belong, so while he may rip into those people in entertainment, he would let all of that go once he was allowed to be a part of the community. “Once he got invited to the party, he would shed his skin and he would give a giant hug to every member of that voting committee!”

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