Josh Brolin Q&A: ‘Inherent Vice’

"When we were on set, we took things very much to the extreme," Josh Brolin rreveals about the making of "Inherent Vice" to Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil. "I think [Paul Thomas Anderson]'s edit was a little tamed compared to what we did. It was more of an acid trip."

Brolin is in the running this year for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, a category he was previously nominated for in "Milk" (2008), though he lost out to the late Heath Ledger for "The Dark Knight."

Brolin plays a character named Bigfoot who is "perceived as this blockheaded guy," he explains. "Then once you get inside his household and see his wife screaming at him and see him totally emasculated, there's a great other side to him that he's always fighting against."

Regarding the crop of recent non-traditional Oscar winners, such as his own "No Country for Old Men" (2007), Brolin says, "It's great because they're all wonderful stories. Having seen 'Whiplash,' having seen 'Foxcatcher' and 'Inherent Vice,' all these movies are smaller movies, but they're being directed by incredible directors.

"You have your superhero movies, which I think are wonderful. But movies have gotten to be big, big, big, big, big $100 million to $200 million dollar movies. Then what's left are the great small stories. And these great directors that I've been fortunate enough to have been able to work with are still interested in telling those small stories."

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