Josh Gad Q&A: ‘The Comedians’

"I'm not as egocentric as my accomplice on FX. I am a lot less neurotic and a little bit more accountable and responsible," says Josh Gad about playing a version of himself on the new comedy series "The Comedians."

In a recent video chat with Gold Derby, he discusses starring on the show with one of his idols, Billy Crystal. They play a younger comedian and veteran comic who team up for a new variety show. The premise of the series is styled as a behind-the-scenes documentary following them as they come to reluctantly know each other.

Gad reveals, "The second we both signed on to this project, we made an agreement that we were going to be committed warts and all. I think it's fair to say we've done that. Sometimes it's immensely uncomfortable, but ultimately I think it's really helping distinguish the show and make it dynamic and create the tension that's necessary."

Over the course of the first season, they both make fun of their successes and failures in show business. For Gad, that has included a Tony nomination for "The Book of Mormon," the overwhelming success as Olaf in the Oscar-winning animated film "Frozen," and his short-lived series "1600 Penn."

While "The Comedians" is essentially a two-person show, FX and Gad decided that Crystal will be the only lead and he will compete as Best Comedy Supporting Actor. He calls it a "no brainer" and that "it was actually my idea." He says, "I was very congnisant that Billy Crystal is the beating heart of this series, and I wanted that to be honored. The emotional arc of this season is in many ways about his journey and his growth." He points to an upcoming episode titled "Billy's Birthday" that highlights some of the more emotional aspects of the series. However, he laughingly adds, "I also didn't want a bitter Billy Crystal if I was nominated against him."

One person who most likely be in that supporting race is last year's champ Ty Burrell from "Modern Family." Gad co-starred several years ago on the Fox comedy series "Back to You" with Burrell and even guested on his current series, so the two actors have know each other for years. Because of that, Gad lays down the gauntlet for the 2015 Emmys: "I'm coming for you, Burrell! I'm coming for you!"

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