Julia Garner Interview: ‘Ozark’

“You don’t want to spit in your own water and that’s exactly what she did,” says Julia Garner about her “Ozark” character Ruth Langmore. The actress explains in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above) that “Ruth was trying to be something that’s she’s not” by associating with the Byrde family over the three existing seasons of the show on Netflix. “Ruth really grew up this season,” concludes Garner, noting that her character’s “theme” in the third season is “identity.”

“Ozark” has 18 Emmy nominations this year, including Best Drama Supporting Actress for Garner, who won that award last year. Garner has submitted the episode titled “In Case of Emergency” for consideration from the third season. She relates this selection back to Ruth’s evolving relationship with the Byrdes, “That’s the transition episode from the identity from not owning who she is and then being, ‘Oh, they’re not great people. I’m actually okay, so I’m going to own up for who I am’.”

“So much of acting for me is detail,” begins Garner about how she holds herself physically for the character. Garner reveals that “the Ruth walk” was born out of trying on heavy boots at an early wardrobe fitting for the role. “I don’t walk like that, just letting you know,” she laughs before recalling, “I was stomping around and I remember making a joke out of it and I was like, ‘Oh, I actually like that for the character’.” Garner elaborates, “The thing that I loved about Ruth early on was there’s something like a little kid about her, but she also grew up with only men, so she’s not going to learn how to walk like a lady.  She’s going to walk like one of the boys, so she’s walking almost like a guy.  She charges in the room and there was something really playful and childlike about that that I felt was really interesting, so that’s how the walk morphed.”

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