Julia Garner Interview: ‘Ozark’

“I feel very lucky that the character is written just extremely well,” actress Julia Garner admits about her “Ozark” character in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above). Garner explains that what drew her to the “very rich” and “extremely complicated” teenage delinquent Ruth Langmore was the writing — for the show, not the character. “When I got ‘Ozark’ in my inbox, I just got the pilot and [Ruth] wasn’t in the pilot, but I could see that the writing was incredible because every character was extremely well-developed,” says Garner.

Garner is equally effusive in her praise for the directing by executive producer Jason Bateman, who also stars in the show as Marty Byrde, the money launderer who takes Ruth under his wing. Garner adds, “He’s really just an actor’s director. He really, really, really cares and the most wonderful thing about Jason is he’s extremely generous and I think that’s also what makes him a good actor and a good director. In order to be a great or even good and smart artist, you have to be a generous artist. You’re giving to the world. That’s why he’s Jason Bateman. He’s very, very generous with his time and everything. He’s incredible.”

Thus far in 2018, Garner has appeared in the Paramount miniseries “Waco” and the final season of “The Americans” on FX. She will appear this fall in the second season of “Ozark,” as well as the first season of “Maniac,” both on Netflix. Garner “can’t say too much” about her character in that upcoming dramedy, but says, “It was so great working with Emma Stone — I mean, she’s such an amazing actress and she’s so sweet and [director] Cary Fukunaga’s just brilliant.”

The second season of “Ozark” finished filming last month and Garner teases that it is “a little darker overall.” As for Ruth, Garner says, “She really is going through a lot of internal turmoil. She is just trying to gain herself back. She’s trying to figure it out. I don’t think she even knows really herself. She just wants something better, but she can’t seem to move on. She’s stuck in a cage.”

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